Monday, June 16, 2014

Writing, Sharing

To any who come upon this blog site or who have signed up for notices, I have been recently writing again on the site:

At some point I may return to writing on this or another blog site, not that it is of any matter or importance.  I continue to write thoughts on God and living the spiritual life daily and nightly.

God bless His Real Presence in us!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Comments Regarding a Poster on FB

 Someone posted this poster on FB, and I could not help but comment on it.  It was from an organization that calls itself for highly effective women. I disagree.  I know what it maybe means in terms of the world and pop culture, but some of the richest assistance I have had has come from very miserable people who are being tested in the fires of the furnace. To see someone struggling to figure out his own life is a very real and honest person.  For those of us who do not have it all together and are not perfect, we can certainly benefit from those who also know they are not perfect and who are still trying to figure out his or her own life.  It is a process.  I find the struggling sufferers to be quite inspiring, actually.  But I commented, as below the photo and statement on it.

Don't ask advice from someone who can't figure out his own life. Rather look for inspiring and happy people.

This makes me sad, actually. I find that if I ask advice of people who may be unhappy, especially if their unhappiness is due to much life experience the hard way, I gain far more insights and help than from those who are "happy." Often times, I have found that "happy" people are thus because they have not suffered much. Of course, if you find one that is "happy" due to being in a lull in the realities of life and have come through the other side of the fire--for the time being--then that is good, too. They then can encourage and say we all come through the fire in faith, and also that person if wise will say he or she will be back in the fire again. I don't always trust those whose lives are sugar-coated. Was Jesus always happy? I don't think so. Scripture does not reveal that; He wept over Jerusalem and drove out the money-changers. He was not "happy" in the agony of the garden, nor in his scourging nor on the cross. He was wise, resigned, filled with love and forgiveness, and perfectly beautiful in showing us that we may not have happiness in this life, but in the next. I find some young people turn to me for advice because they know I have suffered and am not what one would call, in this world's terms, "happy". These are people with very serious troubles, and they want advice from someone who has not masked suffering. They know I have experience but also know I grow through it, and they want to do the same. They know I cry real tears and have had very hard knocks, and they evidently see something in my sorrows that makes them feel comfortable to consult me. "Happy" people, to me, can actually seem intimidating and not so real. And this goes especially if the "happy" people are masking their reality, for living a full life does not preclude a life of much suffering.

On another note, why do people for centuries find solace and wisdom in the Psalms? They are written by those who are plaintive and suffering, who feel lost and beaten down and betrayed. They would be not considered "happy" people, and thus according to this axiom offered to never consult others who do not have their own lives figured out, would not be anyone to consult for advice. The Psalms are so very poignant for the very reason they were written by those who suffered and were "unhappy", who saw those people who seemed "happy" and always had things going their way, but yet could not relate with them. Of course, these lowly ones in their sorrow and turmoil and difficulties, turned to the Lord, their Rock and Comforter and Adviser. I submit that highly effective people--women, men, children alike--live in truth and reality and seek help from God or those who are close to God. Those close to God may often be the ones who seem the worst off and struggling, but who cling to God and turn to Him always. That, perhaps, is the difference, and the sign-post of who we should be consulting and turning to: first God, and then those who know and love God and live the way of the cross. And, that is not going to seem all that "happy". It is enduring faith, though, that marks them. Not happiness.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Help Doctoral Student by Taking His On-Line Hermit Survey

From Brian:  I am currently conducting a hermit survey of my own, at I have a list of links and resources related to solitude, including your complete hermit blog. I would be grateful if you would help spread the word about my site and survey.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Hermit: Who is a Real Hermit? Survey Indicator Results

The current results from the initial Real Hermit survey may be found by going to:

There may be another survey in future, a replication of the first, with better response mode offered.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Project

Have moved beyond hermit label, beyond perhaps even recluse or anchorite, moved beyond victim soul label. Am devoting the present moment and whatever moments left with life on earth to the project of getting to know Christ all the more in the present moment, as well as climbing the stairway to heaven.

A new blog expresses the implementation of the Order of the Present Moment, hopefully climbing with Christ in the present moment...

An adjunct blog expresses the preface, introduction and structure of the Order of the Present Moment, with the hope finding and climbing the Stairway to Heaven. It is a finite blog, meaning there will come a time when the rationale given for this spiritual order, the structure written, revised, and finished. But it is in process, all the same...

Not that the writing is outstanding or the content relevant to any other souls, I am willing to share the thoughts and my attempt to live out the Order of the Present Moment, all for God, within the God-given circumstances of my life.

The project seems a culmination of the journey thus far, and it is beyond personal vocational labels, as mentioned above, and will express the turning more of the soul to Christ. Already there is a post that may still be a loose end from the temporal, yet those moments do occur in every day life, and will continue to occur. The point is to begin climbing the stairway to heaven, and living more in Christ, with His view, moment by moment.

Anyone stumbling upon this post is welcome to read the ones referred to, or not. The writing is personal, hopefully devotional or meditative, or will stimulate ideas for others' adaptation, or not. I welcome comments but will edit those that are inappropriate. Fair enough.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Catholic Hermit Thankful for Bishops' Strong Stances

Am prayerfully thankful for Bishop D'Arcy's stance, and now this statement to Fr. Jenkins by Bishop Olmsted. May there be more to come, as this is a turning point for Catholics. Shine clear lights upon what the Church IS, to be clear lights through, with, in Christ, not only for the world but for foggy Catholics, as well. We must continue to work hard to be heard, harder to be seen witnessing, and most of all to be assured and to assure that prayers will be answered.

What clear-light Catholics can count on are prayer and the Sacraments, unimpeded by disobedience, dissent, and confused contortions of the Faith. Lest we forget that the Most Holy Trinity and the Virgin Mary, angels and saints feel our pain, Christ will have victory in this.

Part of that victory is the very fact that clear-light Catholics are willing to lay all else aside and stand firm for the Truth of the Church, to defend Her, and to be media-politic-culturally martyred if necessary.

There is a supernatural reality, and this is spiritual warfare being finally brought out into the temporal scene. It is more than Lenten Penance. Passion week is coming soon. Who is the victor, always, in this world and for all eternity?

Let us lay our lives down for Christ and His Church: turn away from cunning deceptions of politicians--even of foggy Catholics. Be not afraid to be clear lights of Christ and His Church: obedient, prayerful, and sacrificial. Offer all for God, for what remains worthy if we do not have the Truth? Let the Notre Dame scandal be the light switch for conversion.

Obama Nation: an Abomination

Dropping back into the temporal Catholic world to briefly comment that today's Gospel clarifies that we are to follow God, that we are to be clear witnesses to Who He IS and what we believe through Christ, with Christ, in Christ.

The recent legislation, the unprecedented spending, the horrors against human dignity and life, and even the cutting of charitable giving tax credits make clear we are dealing with darkness against what is holy, good, decent and TRUTH.

This is our Lenten Agony. As Catholics, the world, believe it or not, looks to see if we believe and live what we have been Baptized, to what we have been Confirmed, to what we avow at each Mass, to Him Who we receive, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.

It is a time for Catholics who are clear in what the Church teaches, to engage unclear Catholics, deceived and foggy Catholics, as to the TRUTH. We must employ the Spiritual Works of Mercy to all:

Admonish sinners
Instruct the ignorant
Counsel the doubtful
Comfort the sorrowful
Bear wrongs patiently
Forgive injuries
Pray for the living and the dead

The Corporal Works of Mercy speak for themselves, as well and are endangered for the most vulnerable.

The invitation of Obama to speak at Notre Dame University commencement as well as to be honored there, is a turning point opportunity for Catholics to rise up out of the pews if they are in them, or to rise up out of deception if not. We must be clear-light witnesses to the Way, the Truth, the Life. Right is always right, and perhaps we needed this abomination to occur in order to uphold that which is sacred and true.